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Car Design News has announced the winners of its annual Car Design Awards China competition at a special evening event held at 800 Show in Shanghai. Hosted by Chris Bangle, the event was attended by over 300 global design professionals, not to mention the cream of the country’s design students.

2017 was a great success once again and saw us receive 299 entries from 98 schools across China, confirming the contest’s importance in finding the very best design students in the country. Click here to see the 2017 School League Table.

The work of each of the finalists in each of the ten awards categories was showcased at the event, and provided a superb opportunity for China’s best new designers to discuss their work with prospective employers.

Uniquely, the Car Design Awards China contest gives students the chance to work to real design briefs set by the world’s best carmakers and judged by some of China’s top car designers, all of whom were keen to express how impressed they were with the quality of this year’s entries. Over the eight years that it’s been running this contest has kickstarted the careers of many designers who are now working in top studios, both in China and worldwide.

The winners of the top award, Best Student Design, will receive a fully funded, four-week Cultural Immersion Workshop placement at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit – and as it’s a team effort, Car Design News and CCS have decided to fund both the winning students for the first time in the event’s history.

All the finalists’ work are shown here.

Best Exterior Design – sponsored by Icona

Ma Xiaokai / Xing Hanchen (winners)
North China University of Technology

Tutor: Cai Shuo


Li Xinglong / Ye Shuang (finalists)
Nanchang Hangkong University
Tutor: Yan Heming


Li Peiyang (finalist)
Luxun Academy of Fine Arts
Tutor: Du Haibin, Ding Jian


Best Interior Design – sponsored by Yanfeng Automotive Interiors

Liu Xingru  / Zhang Heng  * Overall WINNERS
School of Design, Hunan University

Tutor: Zhao Danhua


Liu Zeyu / Zhou Yuhuan   (finalists)
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Tutor: Chin Yuchang

Zhao Xuesen / Cai Zhelin  (finalists)
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Tongji University
Tutor: Liu Su


Best Luxury Concept – sponsored by Lear

Pan Ruoyu / Zhang Qi (winners)
Wuhan Huaxia University of Technology 
Tutor: Jiang Ke, Wang Jing


Gao Qiansong / Zeng Zhixuan / Xu Ting   (finalists)
Wuhan Huaxia Institute of Technology
Tutors: Jiang Ke


Fan Songming / Cheng Dongsheng  (finalists)
China Academy of Art
Tutor: Ma Haocheng



Best Eco Solution – sponsored by Dinamica

Chen Zijun / Miao Yaxiangn / Jiang Minghui  (winners)
Guangdong University of Technology    
Tutor: Hu Fei   


Lee Lion  (finalist)
Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
Tutor: Xia Mang


Wang Zhiyong  (finalist)
South China Agricultural University
Tutor: Yang Daolin


Best Advanced Design – sponsored by Adient

Li Xinglong / Ye Shuang (winner)
Nanchang Hangkong University
Tutor: Yan Heming 



Liu Xingru / Zhang Heng   (finalist)
School of Design, Hunan University
Tutor: Zhao Danhua


Wei Lisi / Xiao Hanyue (finalists)
Dalian University of Technology
Tutor: Sun Biao, Song Mingliang, Liu Jianjun


Best Digital Design – sponsored by Autodesk 

Zhang Haoyu  (winner)
Anhui Polytechnic University  
Tutor: Qian Tao 


Lee Ke  (finalist)
Shenyang Aerospace University
Tutor: Liu Yang


Hu Ruien  (Finalist)
Tongji University
Tutor: Li Yanlong


Best Mobility Solution – sponsored by KWA 

Wei Zhe (winner)
China Academy of Art    
Tutor: Ma Haocheng 


Lee Lion  (finalist)
Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
Tutor: Xia Mang


Zhai Qiqi / Zhao Fei / Chen Ying  (finalists)
Henan University of Technology
Tutor: Wang Qian

Best User Interface – sponsored by Technicon

Jiang Jinlin / Dai Guanqi / Shao Weihao   (winners)
Southeast University, Xi’an Jiaotong – Liverpool University 
Tutor: Wu Wenyu   


Fan Songming / Cheng Dongsheng   (finalist)
China Academy of Art
Tutors: Ma Haocheng

Zhu Haoying / Li Siqi / Ye Tianjin  (finalists)
Sichuan Fine Arts Institute
Tutor: Huang Ruiyuan

Innovative use of materials  – sponsored by 

Shi Qingyin   (winner)
Tsinghua University   
Tutor: Wang Bo 


Zhou Xiao / Feng Yixuan / Cheng Zhihui   (finalists)
Wuhan University of Technology
Tutor: Li Zhuo

Meng Gala  (finalist)
Inner Mongolia University of Technology
Tutor: Yang Chun


Best Design In Harmony With Chinese Society  – sponsored by CH Auto

Liu Zeyu / Zhou Yuhuan    (winner)
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University       
Tutor: Chin Yuchang

Ke Junbin (finalist)
South China University of Technology
Tutor: Ouyang Bo

Ma Xiaokai / Xing Hanchen  (finalists)
North China University of Technology
Tutor: Cai Shuo