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Results 2018 

The judges work alone to select the entries which they felt ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd for each of the ten awards categories.  Using a scoring system in which 1st = 10 points, 2nd = six points and 3rd = four points, any student who scored 10 points becomes part of the competition shortlist.

The three finalists for each awards were then selected by a meeting of the judges at the Lear Corporation Shanghai in March. After long discussions and intense debate, a winner was chosen for each of the ten awards.

For the Student Design of the Year, the judges chose the finalist that appeared in the most categories. The consensus was that this entry represented the most well-rounded of the year.

All the finalists’ work are shown here.

Best Exterior Design – sponsored by Icona

Cai Zhelin / Xie Kunlong (winners)
Tongji University / Beijing Institute of Technology

Tutor: Sun Yuanbo


Guo Yiwei / Zhang Siqi (finalists)
Shandong Jiaotong University
Tutor: Li Shuai


Yang Jingquan / Cai Zhenyuan (finalists)
Tsinghua University
Tutor: Wang Bo


Best Interior Design – sponsored by Yanfeng Automotive Interiors

Xu Xuanming (winner)
Hunan University

Tutor: Zhao Danhua


Gao Yunhui / Wei Jiaheng   (finalists)
Hunan University
Tutor: Zhao Danhua


Huang Zihao / Huang Haoyang  (finalists)
Tongji University
Tutor: Mo Jiao


Best Luxury Concept – sponsored by Pininfarina

Jiang Minghui / Zhu Guannan ***OVERALL WINNERS
Guangdong University of Technology / China University of Petroleum 
Tutor: Zhang Yong


Feng Yixuan   (finalist)
Wuhan University of Technology
Tutors: Li Zhuo


Zhou Qifei  (finalist)
Xi’an Technological University
Tutor: Du Hemin


Best Eco Solution – sponsored by Dinamica

Ni Ziheng  (winner)
Jiangsu University    
Tutor: Lu Zhangping  


Chen Guiyang / Bai Zijian  (finalists)
Jiangsu University
Tutor: Sha Qiang


Hou Xinyu / Tao Lu  (finalists)
Jiangnan University
Tutor: Zhang Lihao


Best Digital Design – sponsored by Autodesk

Yu Han (winner)
Northwestern Polytechnical University  
Tutor: Zhao Tuo 


Jing Zhiyuan / Guo Zhiheng   (finalists)
Beijing Insititute of Technology / Beijing University of Technology
Tutor: Sun Yuanbo / Li Jian


Ye Fushi / Huang Jiaguan  (finalists)
Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art
Tutor: Li Yong


Best Mobility Solution – sponsored by KWA 

Huang Daohui (winner)
Nanchang Hangkong University   
Tutor: Yan Heming 


Ni Ziheng (finalist)
Jiangsu University
Tutor: Lu Zhangping


Xu Zhebing (finalist)
China Academy of Art
Tutor: Ma Haocheng

Best User Interface

Jiang Zhenyu / Hu Cheng   (winners)
Hunan University
Tutor: Zhao Danhua


Huang Guowei / Han Jun / Yang Songsong (finalist)
Dalian University of Technology
Tutors: Liu Jianjun/Song Mingliang /Sun Biao


Yu Han  (finalist)
Northwestern Polytechnical University
Tutor: Zhao Tuo

Innovative use of Materials – sponsored by BASF

Lin Xiaojie / Chen Yese / Xie Jiaoteng (winners)
Guangdong University of Technology / South China University of Technology   
Tutor: Zhang Yong 


Yin Jun   (finalist)
China Academy of Art
Tutor: Ma Haocheng


Zhang Jiajia / Xiao Demin / Yao Bin  (finalists)
Henan University of Technology
Tutor: Tuo Weitao


Best Design In Harmony With Chinese Society – sponsored by CH Auto

Zhao Xiaoyu / Zhu Qing    (winners)
Beijing University of Technology       
Tutor: Liao Wei


Cai Zhelin / Xie Kunlong   (finalists)
Tongji University / Beijing Institute of Technology
Tutor: Sun Yuanbo


Yang Zhipeng  (finalist)
Shandong University of Art and Design
Tutor: Fu Zhiwei